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Lupin's IPMG is responsible for creating, securing, and leveraging a portfolio of high-value patents, products, and research pipeline projects. IPMG has also successfully managed patent challenges in courts and patent offices around the world.

In FY2020, the company was first-to-file with respect to generics versions of Juluca® Tablets, Entresto® Tablets, Rexulti® Tablets, Odefsey® Tablets, Descovy® Tablets, Vemlidy® Tablets, and Bridion® Intravenous Solution.

Cumulative ANDA and NDA filings with U.S. FDA now stand at 430 and 7 respectively, with approvals of 273 and 4 respectively, as of FY2020. Lupin has a total of 43 first-to-file ANDAs pending launch, which includes 14 exclusive first-to-file opportunities.

In FY2020, the company settled 8 pending U.S patent litigations and received a favourable U.K. court decision in its challenge to the Truvada® SPC.

In FY 2020, the Company filed 130 patent applications. The cumulative number of patent applications filed by Lupin in India and other countries currently stands at 3,334. The patent applications filed in FY 2020 included 67 formulation patent applications, 32 API patent applications, 12 biotech patent applications and 19 NDDD patent applications. We successfully secured 65 patents, including 27 NDDD patents during FY 2020.