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The consumer today is health conscious, highly informed and globally connected. For common conditions, they trust OTC medications and consider them to be the first line of defence, which are safe and effective.

In USA and Europe, 8 out of 10 consumers use OTC medications. In India, the number is rising since people are moving towards self-medication owing to the ease of access to information about these medicines.

The self-medication trend is global and even the World Health Organization is recognizing its importance. One of the primary reasons people are moving towards self-medication is that it saves the time and money spent on expensive consultation, especially for common conditions.

Physicians support the self-medication trend for common conditions since it saves their time and helps them concentrate on the diagnosis and treatment of more serious disorders.

They have thus accepted OTC as a first trusted line of defence for non-serious ailments. The overall shift in the consumer’s mentality from curative to preventive treatments is a boon for the OTC market. The shift from the “do good” treatments to the “feel good treatments” is evolving, i.e., from segments such as medications and other problem-solution products to VMS and dietary supplements, health-promoting foods and other health products.


The formation of the LupinLife Consumer Healthcare division is the first time this label has been used, to spearhead our venture into the OTC space. The rapid growth of the OTC segment in the Indian pharmaceutical market was imperative for us to enter the OTC segment as the vertical has been steadily growing over the years in the country.

Our business philosophy is based on the sustainable business model of Rx to OTC products & Direct OTC, differentiated offerings addressing unmet consumer needs & desires and aligning them with Lupin’s core values.

Today’s life is full of challenges and as priorities change our health takes a back seat taking a toll on our productivity. Lupinlife products play a role of an enabler to consumers to remove or manage health obstacles which can be a hindrance to achieve their goals or aspirations.

Strength of our offering is backed by science, so Lupinlife is all about ‘Life inspired by science’. Our endeavour is to offer products to consumers which make them feel at their best at all times and encourage to be more progressive in life.



Softovac, entered the OTC segment in mid-2017, marks Lupin’s foray into the fast-growing Consumer Healthcare sector. It has been recognized by The Economic Times in their list of 'Promising Brands of 2018'.

Softovac is a bowel regulator and is the only brand in this category to be featured on the list of ET ‘Promising Brands of 2018'. It is formulated from 100 percent natural actives that are scientifically known to provide effective relief from constipation and irregular bowel habits.

Softovac is available in two variants, regular and a sugar-free variant suitable for diabetics and those concerned about sugar content.

For more details on Softovac, visit www.softovac.com


Most medical practitioners agree that calcium deficiency is an important reason for poor bone health. As per the International Osteoporosis foundation, more than 30 percent of women are at risk of bone fracture. Moreover, there is a gradual erosion of good health affecting the appearance of teeth, hair, skin and nails amongst women. This condition gets pronounced particularly post pregnancy and beyond menopause.

Women’s health is a topic that has been neglected in India. With demanding and multifaceted roles, as a homemaker, a professional and a mother, women lead a challenging lifestyle. Due to this, they often ignore their own health and the care they deserve.

Corcal Bone and Beauty supplement is available in a pack of 10 easy-to-consume mini-tablets and comes with a serving suggestion of one to two tablets with a glass of water. It is available at leading pharmacy stores across India, in addition to online e-commerce sites.

For more details on Corcal Bone and Beauty, visit www.corcal.in