Building a Great Place to Work

Our people are central to our growth and success. Hence caring for, nurturing and empowering our employees form the bedrock of our approach in managing our human capital.

Our people policies, processes, systems and technology are benchmarked with the best across industries to provide our colleagues with a fair, professional, progressive, inclusive and diverse working environment, and to deliver a superior employee experience. Through these, we strive to attract, nurture and retain talent, which in turn helps us create value for our stakeholders.

Our Human Resources (HR) team is an important partner in our growth journey, sharing responsibility to ensure we remain a fit-for-purpose organization and have the best talent pool in the industry. This team consistently aims to set new benchmarks in their main focus areas, including, but not limited to:

  • Designing an agile and market relevant organization
  • Building a robust future-ready talent pool
  • Establishing practices and policies to amplify employee productivity and boost job satisfaction
  • Ensuring we continue to invest and build capabilities to remain the employer of choice in our domain

Delivering an Experience

Technology has been the backbone of our efforts in growing and nurturing our human capital. The deployment of state-of-the-art and universal platforms such as SAP-SuccessFactors and HR Central has enabled better management of employee data, allowing our HR team to deliver most relevant solutions for employees across different functional areas and geographies.

In the year gone by, we have leveraged digital technologies to conduct quarterly townhalls with our senior leadership team, create multiple touchpoints with the executive management team and keep our employees up to date through periodic newsletters. Our strong digital capabilities have also been instrumental to conduct onboarding activities, training programs, employee engagement activities and even drive events such as the Desh Bandhu Gupta Spirit of Lupin Awards over virtual platforms, while ensuring no compromise on the experience.

We offer a comprehensive suite of employee engagement initiatives, including:

Employee Connect: These sessions with the leadership team provide employees with an opportunity to better understand the business, enable seamless flow ideas and help exchange insights directly with leadership.

Celebration at Work: Special days like Annual Days, Kid’s Day, International Women’s Day, Science Day, among others, are celebrated to enable togetherness and boost engagement.

Employee Knowledge Sharing Initiatives: These are self-paced initiatives focusing on self-learning and capability building of employees. ‘Glow and Grow,’ ‘e-Technical Fest’ and ‘Strive for Excellence’ are a few examples.

Put together, these initiatives have enabled a closer connect between each Lupinytt and the business, thereby driving a greater sense of ownership and commitment.

Managing Talent and Performance

At Lupin, we have developed a performance and potential driven talent management process based on a 9-box framework. This framework helps us identify and address gaps across talent levels.

Similarly, our performance evaluation process focuses on formally and objectively evaluating achievements on a periodic basis. We focus efforts on performance conversations and encourage employees to discuss both their personal and professional aspirations with their managers. Our Performance Conversations Document captures the key points of these discussions to track the employee’s and our company’s promises to meet those aspirations.

We remain committed to the overall development of our people and have a robust Total Rewards Framework for encouraging a high-performance culture.

As on date, our employee headcount across different categories in India are:

Category of employees As on 31st March 2021
Total Workforce 18,686
People strength at plants 8,354
Number of contract employees at manufacturing sites 4,275
National Employability Through Apprenticeship (NETAP) trainees at manufacturing sites 330
human capital

Continuing Education

We support Lupinytts interested in continuing education in PhD programs, M. Tech. and Management courses, amongst others, through our tie-ups with renowned educational institutions.

Developing Right Capabilities

Learning & Development (L&D) is a continuous process that leads to building newer capabilities in sync with organizational goals.

Our important L&D initiatives are broadly categorized as below:

Onboarding and Value Orientation: Our corporate induction program covers all Lupinytts and familiarizes them with Lupin’s Culture, Values, business, financials, and subsidiaries and establishes goal alignment right at the beginning of their journey with Lupin. Our mandatory flagship induction program is titled “Udbhav” and was imparted to 1,822 new joiners in FY21.

We are also proud of the fact that 100% of our new joiners were certified as compliant to the mandatory regulatory trainings on GMP guidelines like 21 CR Part 211, ICH-Q7, Data Integrity, Data Governance and Overview on Pharmacovigilance as per functional relevance.

Management Development Programs: Our management development programs focus on holistic development of our talent pool–right from entry level managers to senior leaders. Our training programs such as First Time Managers, Learn Engage Act & Progress (LEAP) and Leadership Executives’ Acceleration & Development (LEAD) aim towards developing our entry and first level managers with the right blend of supervisory and technical skills to deliver on their managerial roles.

Similarly, programs such as ELITE and IGNITE conducted at our manufacturing and research sites respectively, and the Lupin Senior Leadership Development Program, aim to enhance the managerial capabilities for mid-level managers through psychometric assessments and profiling tools and Action Learning Projects (ALPs), among others. As a part of the learning framework, all employees who undergo a learning intervention need to work on bettering their competencies and take up projects to apply the improved competencies in an identified area.

In FY21, 52% of the ALPs at our manufacturing sites focused on: The remaining 48% of ALPs focused on:

Reduction in the cleaning time process

Reduction in manual work and deviations

Projects undertaken for simplification of Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs)

Improvement in cleaning validation and risk assessment

Energy conservation (installation of Variable Frequency Drives (VFDs) in cold storage areas and replacement of pumps)

Energy savings in utilities

Reduction in water consumption (20% Steam usage reduction YoY)

Projects on
minimizing waste generation

Resource savings (paper and consumable items)

Another noteworthy intervention is the Area Managers Excellence program for our field force in India. This 8-month intervention aims to enable and equip area managers with the expertise to excel, while maintaining brand and customer service standards. These programs have direct impact on building capabilities and creating greater value for the business.

We have also established the Supervisory Skills Development program where we focus on building the skills of employees who manage 5 or more people reporting to them directly. All the employees who participated in this program reported an average improvement of 40% in their overall competencies in employee management.

Competency Development: Aligned with our strong intent to develop and grow our people, we have designed and launched the Lupin Leadership Competencies and Values Framework that helps Lupinytts across geographies, locations and functions to:

  • Adopt a common language to describe what performance and behaviors look like across various levels
  • Gain deeper understanding of identified proficiency levels to maximize strengths with a focus on development needs
  • Provide a framework to plan for constructive, focused feedback to further create effective individual development plans

The benefits of these learning interventions are continuously evaluated in terms of productive business delivery and point towards a direct linkage with productivity improvement and attrition which ultimately impact the bottom line.

Enabling the Right Culture

At Lupin, our values-driven culture forms the basis of our interactions with internal and external stakeholders across all geographies. The flagship employee awards at Lupin, the Desh Bandhu Gupta Spirit of Lupin Awards are testimony to the fact that we prioritize our values over everything else. We have in place several initiatives that focus on reinforcing our value-driven culture. A few examples include:

  • Quality First program: To reinforce all round “quality focus” and influence inspection outcomes
  • Yes, We Can: To build confidence for “Zero 483s” at manufacturing sites
  • SEED: To create a culture of collaboration and teamwork across functions
  • Lupin Women’s Network: To enable women empowerment and further reinforce our diverse and inclusive culture. This Network is a genderbased affinity group spanning 13 locations in India, and currently being extended to all our locations of operation across the globe
  • Fun Fridays: To reinforce an open-door culture and one that celebrates small wins

Further reinforcing our overall culture, is our philosophy of appreciating and rewarding our employees which is rooted in the belief that our employees are the true custodians and drivers of our success. A few noteworthy examples of our rewards and recognition programs include:

  • Desh Bandhu Gupta Spirit of Lupin Awards: Our apex global awards that recognize Lupinytts who embrace the Lupin Values and inspire others
  • Partners in Progress ESOP Scheme
  • Zenith Award: This award recognizes and appreciates the top performers from our Philippines subsidiary Multicare
  • Star Club Award: This award recognizes and appreciates the top performers of our field force across the Indian Region Formulations business
  • Bravo Award: This award recognizes employees for a job well done at the global level
  • President’s Innovation Award: This award recognizes the creation, development, and implementation of innovations in process, product, method or system that results in a significant impact to patients and the business

Diversity in Organization

In India, we prioritize the representation of women in our workforce and we uphold ourselves to the highest level of enforcing equality in gender pay and champion the cause of no discrimination in evaluation of women vis-à-vis their male colleagues. In order to reinforce our strong commitment to the cause of gender diversity and create the right mindset within the organization, we organize classroom sessions on Gender Sensitization.

In the light of the current remote working scenario, we have also established an e-module on Gender Sensitization.

As on date in India, our workforce is characterized by:
5% women in workforce
6% women in Senior Leadership (GM & above)
36% women on board (as on 31st March 2021)

HR Policies

Our policies form the foundation on which we work towards growing and nurturing talent. A few key policies and their descriptions are given below:

Maternity Leave (ML): All female employees on our payroll are entitled to Maternity leave as per the provisions of the Maternity Benefits Act of the region.

Paternity Leave Policy: As a model employer, we offer paternity leave of 5 days to our male employees to support their spouse and family after the birth of a child.

Leave for Adoption: Our employees will be entitled to a leave for adoption of a child.

Sabbatical Leave: Employees with more than three years of service can avail a sabbatical Leave or Break in Service, for up to one year, to manage a personal situation.

Health Assistance (Mediclaim Policy): At Lupin, providing health insurance to our employees and their family is our responsibility and so our employees’ Mediclaim also covers parents, spouses and two children.

Employee Children Education Assistance & Recognition: We appreciate the happiness that parents share when their child performs well. Children of employees performing well in academics and scoring stipulated percentages in key exams are felicitated with a certificate of merit and a cash reward.

Long Service Award Policy: Our long service award policy acknowledges the contribution of employees who have grown with Lupin over the years.

Our Targets:
100% coverage of e-module on Gender Sensitization by 2022 — 95% of all existing employees covered
Mandatory trainings modules on environment and climate change — 100% coverage by 2023
Gender diversity target for nonmanagement level staff, for business functions — 15% by 2025
Mandatory CSR volunteering hours — 2 days per employee in a year by 2025 virtual or on-site
human resources