Lupin's global manufacturing operations are spread across India and Japan. The Company has 12 world-class facilities (ten in India and two in Japan) manufacturing and supplying APIs and formulations approved by leading pharmaceutical regulatory authorities like the US FDA, World Health Organisation, MHRA (UK), TGA (Australia), MHLW (Japan), ANVISA (Brazil) and MCC (South Africa). These world-class facilities embody a culture of continuous improvement to deliver complex products with optimum efficiency. With a focus on maintaining the right efficiencies, Lupin has continued on its quest for anufacturing excellence, focusing on cost reduction using principles of six sigma and lean manufacturing.

We believe Quality and Regulatory Compliance not only have to be embedded into the product but have to be built into people, systems, and processes through a systematic process of continuous training and knowledge sharing. The Company today has over 700 Global Corporate Quality Assurance professionals spread across all manufacturing locations engaged in developing and implementing policies that ensure quality and compliance with global regulatory standards. Consistency in meeting customer expectations and meeting regulatory quality and compliance norms are the true enablers and the critical differentiator that has made Lupin the global generic powerhouse it is today.

As we aspire to further accelerate and scale higher orbits of growth, we are conscious of the fact that product and market complexity will increase exponentially. We are aware that the Company needs to stay ahead of the curve by continuously investing in new technology, automation and systems to create better efficiencies that enhance profitability. We are also investing prudently in expanding our manufacturing operations by setting up new facilities and plants to meet future demand. As a result, the Company's capital expenditure increased to Rs. 4,871 million for FY 2013. We actively engage with leading consulting organisations to build a manufacturing operation second to none and continuously sharpen our compliance ethic. As we aspire to further accelerate our growth and in order to ensure that we consistently meet our customer expectations, we have realised that we must invest in building a future-ready, nimble and strong supply chain. With that objective in mind, the Company launched its Supply Chain Operations Re-Engineering (SCORE) program covering its manufacturing facilities, supply chain and all markets during FY 2013.


    Aurangabad Plant operation started in 1979. This is the first plant of Lupin with various dosage forms like Tablets, Capsules and Liquids.


    It has well integrated environment system to treat the effluent water whereby the characteristics are below


    This facility is engaged in the manufacturing of APIs as well as dosage forms which produces Sterile and Non-Sterile pharmaceutical products.


    The manufacturing facility for APIs has been started in 1992 & has state-of-an-art fermentation facility & synthetic API.

  • GOA

    Goa plant foundation stone Project start up was done in Aug 2003 & it was built up in record time of only 6 months to start operations in Feb 2004.


    The Plant is located at about 17 Kms from Jammu city. Jammu is also known as " City of Temples " and Winter Capital of J&K.


    This site has state of art in manufacturing wide range of products in various categories like CRAMS, Pharmaceuticals Intermediates


    Lupin's latest formulation facility, having satisfactory USFDA and UK-MHRA compliance. This plant is located in special economic zone.


    Lupin's latest formulation facility is located in Special Economic Zone, SEZ, Nagpur, MS, Central part of India.

  • Visakhapatnam

    Located in Plot No.130, Road No.11, J.N.Pharma City, Parawada (M), Visakhapatnam, Andhra

  • Sikkim

    4th Mile, Bhasmey, Karmarey-Bhasmey Block, Duga Iilaka, East Sikkim, Sikkim- 737132 India.