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When I founded Lupin over 48 years ago, the goal was simple; to manufacture and deliver quality, affordable medicines of the highest national and social priority. It has been the core principle and guiding philosophy behind everything we have undertaken and achieved over now close to five decades. This is reflected in how Lupin has expanded over the years, the markets that we have chosen to focus on and in how we have nurtured and grown them. It is also reflected in how Lupin has gone about investing in and growing our research programs to build an impressive product pipeline and in how we have created a quality driven global manufacturing organization, second to none in the pharmaceutical industry. FY 2016 saw us invest the highest ever in Research & Development to date.

Today, it is clear to me that the unassuming choice that we made of being inclusive in creating relevant products that people need is what has made Lupin the global pharmaceutical powerhouse that it is. It has also been the key trigger driving Lupinytts to be creative in working together to innovate, execute and deliver efficacious products to our communities. This differentiator has ensured Lupin’s continued progression and ascendance as a global leader and a true innovator.

At Lupin, success is not just about growth or performance, it has always been about doing the right thing no matter how challenging the environment; about backing our ideas and having the conviction to see them through. It is about being the transformation ourselves. That is the only thing that ensures leadership in a changing world.

At Lupin, leadership is a given and numbers are just milestones on a glorious path.

Dr. Desh Bandhu Gupta
Founder & Chairman
Lupin Limited