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As we enter our 50th year, to see this as a milestone only in Lupin’s history would be too limiting – our past, present and our future is entwined with the growth of the Indian Pharma industry. Our footprint on the global market, the leadership that we have shown in each of our key markets and the vision that we have set for the future are big signs telling the world that we matter.

Our understanding of the major forces shaping our world gives us the know-how to respond for the good of our organization and for Society as a whole. Lupin has a deep-rooted commitment to being truly world-class in everything we do.

At the heart of our business commitments, lies our responsibility to you, our key stakeholders. It is this responsibility that drives us to attain a leadership position in this ever-changing world. At Lupin, we intend to lead the way by doing cutting edge research and building world class capabilities, be they in supply chain, manufacturing or commercialization. Our plans are fueled by a consistent focus on execution, people processes and strategy. The global pharmaceutical market is evolving rapidly – I believe we are ready for this new future.

While I am grateful for the past, I look forward with confidence to the future. My confidence stems from the fact that we have a strong and committed Management Team carrying forward my vision for the Company and the high level of passion and resilience to succeed that I see in each one of them. The Lupin Spirit that embodies all Lupinytts has made Lupin great and will continue to be our underlying strength and enable us to achieve still higher levels of performance in the time ahead.

The journey has been exciting – the future is even more glorious. We will use the optimism that we have and the momentum that we have generated along with the memories and lessons of the past to guide us towards new horizons.

Dr. Desh Bandhu Gupta
Founder & Chairman
Lupin Limited