"The United States remains Lupin’s largest and most important market with 48% share of total revenues. The Company’s US subsidiary, Lupin Pharmaceuticals, Inc. (LPI) delivers high-quality, branded and generic medicines trusted by healthcare professionals and patients across US. Lupin has built strong relationships in the US wholesale and retail channels with a reputation of reliability and high service levels and being a preferred supplier to the customers."

In addition, Lupin has gained a special consideration amongst pediatric specialists, primary care physicians and the OB/GYN women’s health community with a dedicated field force to promote our branded product portfolio. Backed by strong commercial capabilities in the US market for both branded and generic products, Lupin is uniquely positioned to execute its growth strategy built on niche products, world-class research, manufacturing and supply chain capabilities, protected by strong Intellectual Property rights.

In March 2016, the Company completed its acquisition of US-based GAVIS Pharmaceuticals LLC and Novel Laboratories Inc. (GAVIS). This strategic acquisition enhances Lupin’s scale in both, the US generics and brands market as well as broadens our pipeline in dermatology, controlled substance products and other niche generics. The acquisition brings to Lupin a highly skilled Manufacturing & Research organization in Somerset, New Jersey, which adds to our Coral Springs, Florida based R&D centre for Inhalation. The New Jersey facility, rechristened as Lupin Somerset, is the Company’s first manufacturing site in the US. During FY 2017, the Company completed the integration of its Somerset site into its established business platforms for commercial, supply chain, manufacturing and R&D operations.

FY 2017 marked a new milestone for Lupin, as our US revenues surpassed the USD 1 billion mark, closing at USD 1,207 million, a growth of 37% over FY 2016 revenues of USD 883 million. The revenues from our Brands business were USD 78 million, while the Generics business clocked in revenues of USD 1,129 million.