Japan is Lupin’s 3rd largest market and contributed 10% to our global revenues during FY 2016. It is also the Company’s largest market within APAC contributing 77% of the region’s revenues. FY 2016 was a good year for Lupin’s Japanese business, Kyowa Pharmaceutical Industry Co., Ltd. including Kyowa CritiCare Co., Ltd. (collectively Kyowa) with the Company generating revenues of ¥ 25,062 million (Rs. 13,646 million), a growth of 6% over the previous year. Lupin remains the 9th largest generic pharmaceutical player in the Japanese market with a strong presence in the Neurology, Cardiovascular, Gastroenterology and Injectables segments. Japan is a very important market for Lupin and we plan to make significant investments in Japan and in India to address the Japanese market.

Japan is the 2nd largest pharmaceuticals market in the world with sales of over USD 115 billion. Generics account for 56% of total pharmaceutical volumes in Japan, growing by 8%. The Japanese Government has a target of 80% generic penetration by 2020 which translates into an additional 25-30% of overall pharmaceutical volumes going generic. Add to this, patent expiries valued at over USD 14-16 billion by 2018 and the sum total amounts to one of the largest growth opportunities available to Lupin globally. The Company has been working on streamlining its business operations in Japan by focusing on creating a quality pipeline that includes biosimilars, taking measures to improve market penetration and expanding its manufacturing operations to meet future demand. Construction for a new dedicated Oral Solids manufacturing facility at Tottori, Japan is on track and in full swing. FY 2016 saw Lupin’s dedicated offshore Japan manufacturing facility in Goa, India go operational and this will enable continued supplies from India and improved margins for the business. The new injectable line in Kyowa CritiCare has also gone on-stream this year.