Global Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients includes Lupin’s Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients (API) peer to peer business as well as the Global Institutional Business (GIB).

API are the principal ingredients for pharmaceutical finished products. Over the last three decades, India has established itself as one of the most preferred manufacturer and supplier of API globally, in particular to the US and Europe. FY 2017 saw the Company’s API output significantly increase in volume as well as value with revenues of Rs.11,383 million accounting for 7% of the Company’s overall revenues.

While India itself is a large market, the Indian API industry is primarily export-driven and the past few years have seen it shift in favor of regulated markets. Outside the US, India holds the proud distinction as the world’s leader in Drug Master Files (DMF) applications.

With a legacy spanning four decades, Lupin is one of the few global Pharmaceutical companies with a meaningful API business. We remain one of the most vertically integrated companies with a sharp focus on building efficiencies in manufacturing quality APIs and achieving significant global scale. Strengthening the product portfolio, ensuring new customer lock-ins in Advanced Markets like US, Europe and Japan and cementing newer partnerships in emerging markets like China, Brazil, Mexico, Korea and Russia have been some of the key highlights of FY 2017.

We are consciously investing in adopting green chemistry and enzymatic technologies with a dual purpose of improving efficiencies and protecting the environment. Fermentation technology based products have been Lupin’s specialty expertise and we are on track to introduce newer products in this field.

The GIB business continues to maintain its prestigious position as one of the few coveted suppliers of Anti-TB products to WHO’s Global Drug facility with the highest market share. Our supplies have contributed largely to India’s Tuberculosis (TB) eradication program as envisioned by the Government of India. Lupin is also the sole Company to have both its API and formulations for TB products pre-qualified by the WHO globally.

TB remains one of the largest menaces faced by mankind and Lupin is at the forefront to combat and eradicate this menace. We are currently developing a range of second line Anti-TB drugs for global supply and also closely working with global health authorities to fight the deadly effects of the disease. Apart from this, we are also developing a variety of children-friendly Anti-TB formulations which would help treat young patients so they can live a healthier, happier life.